In it for the life

I mean this weight loss deal….no matter where and what stage I am constantly thinking / worrying about it.

Today I weighed in at 159 lbs a 1 lb increase form last week which is not ideal but not as bad as I thought because of all the cake from Kutty’s first birthday poarty, pizza, and another house warming party.

So I need to learn to make subtle but healthy changes changes to my diet.

One constant thing I am noticing is the way sleep affects my whole mood and personality.
When I sleep a good 8 hours without any waking up in the middle, I feel fresher and more positive. When I wake up couple of time becaus eof Kutty not sleeping, I wake up cranky .
Yesterday S and me got into a discussion about this and he agreed to sleep with Kutty for 3 nights a week so that I can get the un-interrupted 8 hours. So I slept with Bunny and guess what, I could not slepe for like 2 hours.
I was tossing and turning, thinking of some thing or the other and slept at maybe 12 Am and woke up at 6:30 AM very crabbily.
Not a good start.
But I did get a chance to do puja today which I am pretty happy about.

Also having been following Laura Vanderkam on her blog and she talks about time management, part time work (she says part time work is not really party time) and trying to implement some strategies from her. I mean she has 4 kids and she runs everyday. If she says about time management , I will listen.

The point I am making is, I do not have unlimited time to shave off all my bad eating habits even though I want to exercise 1 hour per day everyday.

I would rather make healthy choices and  play with kids in park rather than eat a whole 2 slices of cake and have to exercise to burn it off.

So need to take healthy eating for life seriously and manage time in order to get the balance in life.


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