In it for the life

I mean this weight loss deal….no matter where and what stage I am constantly thinking / worrying about it.

Today I weighed in at 159 lbs a 1 lb increase form last week which is not ideal but not as bad as I thought because of all the cake from Kutty’s first birthday poarty, pizza, and another house warming party.

So I need to learn to make subtle but healthy changes changes to my diet.

One constant thing I am noticing is the way sleep affects my whole mood and personality.
When I sleep a good 8 hours without any waking up in the middle, I feel fresher and more positive. When I wake up couple of time becaus eof Kutty not sleeping, I wake up cranky .
Yesterday S and me got into a discussion about this and he agreed to sleep with Kutty for 3 nights a week so that I can get the un-interrupted 8 hours. So I slept with Bunny and guess what, I could not slepe for like 2 hours.
I was tossing and turning, thinking of some thing or the other and slept at maybe 12 Am and woke up at 6:30 AM very crabbily.
Not a good start.
But I did get a chance to do puja today which I am pretty happy about.

Also having been following Laura Vanderkam on her blog and she talks about time management, part time work (she says part time work is not really party time) and trying to implement some strategies from her. I mean she has 4 kids and she runs everyday. If she says about time management , I will listen.

The point I am making is, I do not have unlimited time to shave off all my bad eating habits even though I want to exercise 1 hour per day everyday.

I would rather make healthy choices and  play with kids in park rather than eat a whole 2 slices of cake and have to exercise to burn it off.

So need to take healthy eating for life seriously and manage time in order to get the balance in life.


This too shall pass…

Well I have disappeared again from this space.

Due to lot of some unnecessary emotional laziness, I have just stopped posting here.

I am very much alive although I feel I am always sad or stressed out or running behind something.

Lot of thinking going on in my head.

On the weight side, I have gained 3 lbs since the last post…so yeah forget weight loss,it is weight gain mode for me.

After Varalakshmi Vratam last Friday followed by lot of indulges over the weekend, I am taking matters into hand.

I did manage to exercise quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday (40 mins video workouts from Youtube) which made me sweat a lot.

From today, I am planning to exercise 3 times over the weekdays and once on Saturday.

Its funny how my weight creeps back slowly if I don’t make an effort to exercise atleast 4 times a week.

Its amazing how my face puffs up face after all the indulges over the weekend.

So I do want to keep my exercise promise and eat healthy.

So life in bullet points:

  • Should we move/buy house so that Bunny will get to go to kindergarten in 2014 in the new school within our district? Or should we stay put?
  • What and where will be 2 years from now?
  • Will S be able to move in 2 years from this place?

Sorry if these sound like riddles but the above are some questions I am thinking a lot about.

S ismore of a do what you want and he usually takes decisions very quickly. Me on the other hand brodd and think and brood some more before I make a decision.

And no matter how much I think or ask S, I /we are unable to reach a proper answer to the above questions.

Education is one thing I do not want to compromise on for Bunny. Hence the lot more dilemma.

Here in the USA, your house/apartment falls under a particular school . So if you want yur kid to go to a different public school (which is newer, nicer in our case), we have to either move to an apartment in that area or move to a different house.

So over the weekend we went to take a look at 2 houses.

The first one was very pretty but much smaller than our current home. We loved the smaller,cozy feeling and it has a finished basement. Only downside is the backyard is towards the road and there is no fence.

The second house is 100 sq feet larger than the first but we weren’t too impressed with it.

So what should we do?

I wish I am confident and take decisions with a snap of fingers.

Now I feel so vulnerable and stressed out about lot of things in life (not just above).

I am hoping this too will pass and that I have the strength to make a good decision.

When the mundane is awesome…and some thoughts

Life is sooo good when I am at work.I love it.I love the normalcy of a regular day when I drop Bunny at school/daycare and I go to work,come back make dinner and we all eat and sleep.

Lst week week was horrible in the family. S had major back pain and could not even turn. Poor guy suffered for a week. And after some acupressure treatment by a friend and 3 chiro sessions later, he is much better today

And the last 4 days, Bunny is sick with a high fever. The fever would subside when we give him Ibuprofen and he would be fine for 8 hours…as soon as the medicine would wear off, it would be back again. L

The doctor said, it’s a virus and did not give him any medication.

And oh..the unbelievable cough..amazing how much phlegm that a 4 year old could have..unbeleivable .

So needless to say, the 3 days keeping him at home was a challenge. We tried legos, some indoor activities, some TV time (well loottt of TV time), I downloaded some new apps… is tough to make a 4 year old stay home all the time.But I am glad we did. He is much better today and sent him to daycare.

I sometimes wonder how do all the stay at home Moms entertain young kids?

I mean we can only have so many play dates, and it wouldn’t be everyday. And there is still house work, cooking involved. I really really think, the toughest job is being at home to take care of kids. Its very enjoyable..but very tough. I sometimes wonder if living in a place like where I live makes it even harder. We hardly see people on the sidewalks except for Sumemr. Winters are horrible..absolutely dark by 4 PM.I somehow love the rustling and bustling of Singapore and India.

I have begun to realize that I am meant to not be a stay at home Mom. Everytime I stay home (and S always happens to be super busy at work during that time) I go crazy. I get depressed of not seeing any people. I see the empty lawn, the gloomy weather and I get sad. I think about the fun things we can do but somehow it does not cheer me up. I think of all gloomy thoughts.

Bunny being sick does not help either.

I don’t know if its tough just because there is no family closeby.

Or if it is tough for people with family closeby as well?

When he gets sick, I come soo close to quitting my job..but then after 3 days at home I realize I cannot be at home full time. Its just not a happy situation for me.

So sigh..its a circle, I should just be content that I am working and not worry about him going to daycare.

But the last 4 years, I have been thinking and re-thinking about the same thing..and I am back to square one.

So , tell me guys…do u enjoy staying at home?

Do you enjoy working?

Life in bullet points

I have been missing in action for a while now…I do read all my fav blogs ..apologize if I haven’t been able to comment.But here is life as it is:

  • Why is it always that previous years/stage of life sound much better and appealing than the present? For example, when in Masters I would feel Engineering life is soo much fun…and when in Engineering tenth class life is much better (would not say junior college life is good as I hated mine).Is it for me only?
  • Work is like super packed the last couple of weeks, but since 2 days I have reached a nice balance and enjoying the “down” time.
  • Exercise is happening although not so much like I wanted to.I am managing to get in some home exercises from my Jillian Michael’s DVDs and some walks during lunch breaks.
  • I love Jillian Michael’s DVDs. She rocks! I wish I could get her body !!!
  • Weight is however the same…it keeps fluctuating the same 2 lbs…sigh…
  • However dresses fit much nicer.:) Next time I should keep track of inches.
  • Waiting for the weather to warm up and this Saturday it is supposed to be 65  Degrees F in this part of the world; so looking forward to be in the park or play outside with Bunny. Maybe fly a kite…
  • I am obsessed with online shopping. I am just ordering stuff sooo much online and poor husband is worried seeing all the packages coming at different times.
  • I am in loveeeeeeeeeee with this…and on right time I ordered it when it went on a sale. Now I am waiting for this to show up at home so that I can wear it to work…..:) It went back to full price a few hours after I ordered it…Ha…
  • My new obsession is skirts…here is a picture with my fav skirt…comments are welcome ::))(Ignore the sloppy background work ) BTW, Bunny took this photo….my cute photographer..
  • ph_new
  • Did I tell you I am obsessed with online shopping nowadays? I ordered some orange cargos for Bunny…and they are supeerrrrrrrrrr cute.
  • I ordered 2 winter jackets for S, but both were a big flop/…had to return it to store …
  • We went on 2 road trips in the last 1 month. And it was super fun. One was with Bunny’s best friend in class and their parents to the Indianapolis Children’s museum and we super liked it
  • The other one was to Lego Land in Chicago…although the trip was fun because of friends, the lego land was OK.
  • Can’t wait for more summer trips and fun times.
  • I wish Bunny had some friends in our same sub-division so that they can stop by or he can go within a walking distance. The only time in weekdays he interacts with other kids is at school 😦
  • However weekends are super packed meeting friend’s kids or going out with friends. 🙂
  • I loveeeeeeeeeeee cooking so much that I cook sometimes after a grueling stressful day. And it provides me the opportunity to de-stress. Hate the cleaning up part though.
  • A friend’s Mother-in-law came home last weekend and made carrot pickle. And it was delicious.
  • pick
  • I want to a happening city….soon…..but just keeping intact because of S.


I did Jillian Michaels ‘Ripped in 30’ for 6 days continuously in a row and was feeling good about it.

But…..came the birthday parties along over the weekend.

Had cake the last 3 days in a row.

First is Bunny’s 4th birthday party…cake and pizza .

Next day is his friend’s birthday party and had some amazing food with cake, desert.

Now I have my monthly cycle and cannot do not want to exercise.

I am feeling sooo bloated and heavy.

I hate this time of the month.

Tell me readers, how do you incorporate exercise around this time?

Cooking fresh everyday or cooking once a week?

The other day I was talking with a good friend about cooking and cleaning  and he was arguing that cooking once a week saves them time because there will not be any cleaning, nor wasting time.Sure it works for them and it makes sense for them with a baby. But I never could (try as I did) go this route.

Even when Bunny was a baby, I would always cook fresh everyday.

Storing food in the refrigerator does not spoil it. I have some friends who cook for the entire week and they are done. I know some people who freeze food for the entire week. But somehow no matter how hard I try, I am not a big fan of eating food stored in the refrigerator for couple of days. Same with frozen food.

However I do make loads of idly and dosa batter and use that for quick snacks for the family. Also I do eat leftovers from a day before. However I cannot eat food cooked 2 days back. Here in the US and especially in the very cold winters, one advantage is food does not get spoiled. In winters sometimes I forget to keep food in the refrigerator (after dinner), and it stays fresh next day.

Why do I cook every day? Below are my reasons

  • I love cooking and trying new recipes. Before Bunny is born, I used to make a lot of different recipes (Thai,Chinese). Now I stick to the bare minimum.
  • I hate eating food from the refrigerator which is atleast a day old..Max is 2 days. After that even though the food is not spoiled, somehow that thought is in the mind that it is not fresh and somehow my appetite goes away.
  • When Bunny was around 10 months, I tried going this route but somehow I wasn’t just into it. I preferred spending 30 mins max to cook a simple curry.
  • I love fresh food and ingredients. There is nothing like eating hot rice and curry freshly cooked
  • I feel happy when Bunny eats food and likes it (freshly prepared). I somehow have a guilty feeling if I try not giving him anything fresh.


Tell me dear friends, how do you cook? Do you cook ever day, once in 3 days or once in a week? How do you manage it if you cook everyday?

2013 and what I look forward to

2012 has been a very good year both prefessionally and personally.

Although there were some dull and dark moments, its been a good year compared to 2011 or 2010.

Since the last 2 years, I stopped making new year resolutions. The only reason being that as Feb comes, the newness fades away and I start loosing interest. This year as well, I did not make any although I had some “goals” and “changes” that I want to bring in .

  • Prayer: The first and foremost thing that I want to evolve towards is prayer time atleast for 10 minutes everyday. With the current hectic schedules in the mornings, even 10 minutes has become luxurious. I told myself this year that I will spend 10 minutes everyday either in the mornings or evenings and sit and pray or meditate. This is one thing I need to work hard to add to my routine.
  • Exercise: I plan to exercise 4 times a week. This could be as simple as a at home video of “30 day shred” or a Body Attack class, but 4 times a week is absolutely necessary.
  • Weight: I want to be at 155lbs by Feb 15,2013 . That day is my Bunny’s birthday.
  • Patience: I have some Mommy moments which I am not very proud of when I have very little patience with Bunny. I yell at him and he gets increasingly cranky when I yell. This time, taking my Mom’s suggestion, I want to walk away from him to the next room when he is not listening. I want to be more patient in my handling of his tantrums.
  • Let go of the past: This is one thing which I am very famous for NOT doing. I do throw lot of tantrums and refuse to speak to my Mom or sister if I don’t like something they said. During those times, I remember the past incidents and build up everything. I just feel generally sorry for myself. This year, I want to let go of the past. What was done is done and cannot be changed. I want to live for NOW…and not to bring up the past ..either in thoughts or in words. Very tough to do..but I promised myself to work on this.
  • Gratitude : I am soo very thankful for all the wonderful things I have in life. However, in moments of stress, I forget all those. I have decided to write down either in my diary or on my blog some things that I am thankful for.
  • Books:During the holidays I finally read  “The Happiness project” book and just loved it.I am a big follower of her blog and I love the simplicity and truthfulness of her words. This year I want to get back to the habit of reading loads of books. Atleast 20 this year.
  • Appreciate: I don’t think I appreciate hubby or give him credit as much as I should. He is one of my best supporters although he does not express it in words. He has always been there throughout my lows and tries to bring me up. Although the last 4 years have been tough on us as a couple, I think we survived partly because of his patience and my family support. This year, I want to let go of some of the negativity and take everyday as it comes. I want to praise more  and criticize less. Enough said.

So..these are what I had in mind during the holidays.

Let see how 2013 will be.