Crappy day

I had a great start to the day with my weight at 165 lbs, a 2 lbs lost from last couple of weeks.

However the rest of the day yesterday is just soo bad.

Bunny is in kindergarten now (like I mentioned in the last post). I got a call from the school front office in the afternoon asking me to stop by as he had an accident in the toilet. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. By accident they meant he wet his pants and I relaxed.

Since its kindergarten and Bunny rarely needs a second pair of dress for daycare, I did not pack any dress for him yesteryear in his bag. So I called them back and asked them to give him a spare dress. And the front desk lady says that he went potty on his pants as he could not reach the bathroom on time . Oh my gosh..I was soo embarrassed.

I went to the school (lucky I ljust work 10 mins away) and found him in the bathroom with poop on his shorts.

On gentle cajoling he said that he raised his hands for going to the bathroom to the teacher and he did go potty in the classroom bathroom but had poopy on his shorts and the teacher asked him to go to the receptionist/front desk.

I was shocked!!!

So he went like that from downstairs to upstairs office by himself , and they called me and he was sitting on the toilet for 15 minutes. I was very very suprised and angry that they did not even try to clean him up or change his clothes.

So today both me and hubby went and talked to his teacher. And she said we don’t clean them up and kind of made it sound like its not my job but the front office and all the front office did was call me. So I asked the teacher what do they do if I was 1 hour away from school…and she just said the front office is good about it..blah blah…

My poor Bunny…I was really really sad.

I do know that in kindergarten they don’t wipe their butts, but this is kind of bad where they don’t even have a spare dress just in case or try to clean him up instead of calling the parents.

Is this where we r headed towards where in they don’t help a 5 year old to clean up and offer shorts when there are no spare shorts available?

I was sad, and angry.

And I came home and broke my glasses.

And then in the dinner time, Bunny again was just being very rude and not listening and I just could not control. He got a very good yelling and I unfortunately had to hit him . No matter how much I control, I just lost my patience.

All these happenings followed by stress at work, 2 kids stress and everything..I just feel like running away from everything.

But I cannot. I woke up today and came to work!



4 thoughts on “Crappy day

  1. Ugh!that sucks!

    But great to know all the news 🙂 congrats on baby no 2 and even more that you are so close to ur pre preg weight 🙂

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