In it for the life

I mean this weight loss deal….no matter where and what stage I am constantly thinking / worrying about it.

Today I weighed in at 159 lbs a 1 lb increase form last week which is not ideal but not as bad as I thought because of all the cake from Kutty’s first birthday poarty, pizza, and another house warming party.

So I need to learn to make subtle but healthy changes changes to my diet.

One constant thing I am noticing is the way sleep affects my whole mood and personality.
When I sleep a good 8 hours without any waking up in the middle, I feel fresher and more positive. When I wake up couple of time becaus eof Kutty not sleeping, I wake up cranky .
Yesterday S and me got into a discussion about this and he agreed to sleep with Kutty for 3 nights a week so that I can get the un-interrupted 8 hours. So I slept with Bunny and guess what, I could not slepe for like 2 hours.
I was tossing and turning, thinking of some thing or the other and slept at maybe 12 Am and woke up at 6:30 AM very crabbily.
Not a good start.
But I did get a chance to do puja today which I am pretty happy about.

Also having been following Laura Vanderkam on her blog and she talks about time management, part time work (she says part time work is not really party time) and trying to implement some strategies from her. I mean she has 4 kids and she runs everyday. If she says about time management , I will listen.

The point I am making is, I do not have unlimited time to shave off all my bad eating habits even though I want to exercise 1 hour per day everyday.

I would rather make healthy choices and  play with kids in park rather than eat a whole 2 slices of cake and have to exercise to burn it off.

So need to take healthy eating for life seriously and manage time in order to get the balance in life.


Happy Moments

Yesterday was an awesome day.

  • I came to work early at 8 and could leave by 4:30 PM. This is awesome considering the fact with 2 kids. of course S and Mom helped but still…I am happy. #happytobeearlyAtWork
  • We went and watched Mahesh Babu movie “Aagadu” movie in the theatre for the 8:30 show. Its been a whoile since we have done this. Me, Mom and couple of good friends. Only 10 of us in the theatre as the movie hs been playing for 5 days now in our town. Loved the comedy especially Tamanna’s role and the sweet shop ads. Me happy… Mahesh Babu looked soo amazing and guy is nearing 40. Don’t know how he maintaines and looks like a 20 year old..#HappyForWatchingMahesh
  • Bunny’s class sent our star testing results and he is doing great as far as the reading. He is in the top percentile and I love that he can already read and write . Some of the books he can read and finish off with in a few minutes.Give him a good book anytime of the day and he will be happy to read and sit quietly.  #LoveThatBunnyLovesReading.
  • I asked my Mom to make fish curry as she will be leaving to home on Friday. Loved it and ate it…slurp slup…#LoveAmmasFishCurry.
  • Weight wise..I gained 2 lbs..167lbs but I know thats because of all the sweets and no walking to Bunny’s school. I have to strat Jillian’s DVDs . Excited ::)) #ExcitedAboutExercise.

Too scared to weigh myself

I have been eating like a pig the last couple of weekends.

Saturday was a reception party of a friend and I ate as if there is no tomorrow.

Sunday my Amma volunteered/cooked with a couple of friends at the temple.

All the extra vadas and rice was brought back along with sweets.

Again…urs truly ate like as if there is no tomorrow.

So as a result I feel heavy and lazy.

Am not going to weigh myself.

Crappy day

I had a great start to the day with my weight at 165 lbs, a 2 lbs lost from last couple of weeks.

However the rest of the day yesterday is just soo bad.

Bunny is in kindergarten now (like I mentioned in the last post). I got a call from the school front office in the afternoon asking me to stop by as he had an accident in the toilet. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. By accident they meant he wet his pants and I relaxed.

Since its kindergarten and Bunny rarely needs a second pair of dress for daycare, I did not pack any dress for him yesteryear in his bag. So I called them back and asked them to give him a spare dress. And the front desk lady says that he went potty on his pants as he could not reach the bathroom on time . Oh my gosh..I was soo embarrassed.

I went to the school (lucky I ljust work 10 mins away) and found him in the bathroom with poop on his shorts.

On gentle cajoling he said that he raised his hands for going to the bathroom to the teacher and he did go potty in the classroom bathroom but had poopy on his shorts and the teacher asked him to go to the receptionist/front desk.

I was shocked!!!

So he went like that from downstairs to upstairs office by himself , and they called me and he was sitting on the toilet for 15 minutes. I was very very suprised and angry that they did not even try to clean him up or change his clothes.

So today both me and hubby went and talked to his teacher. And she said we don’t clean them up and kind of made it sound like its not my job but the front office and all the front office did was call me. So I asked the teacher what do they do if I was 1 hour away from school…and she just said the front office is good about it..blah blah…

My poor Bunny…I was really really sad.

I do know that in kindergarten they don’t wipe their butts, but this is kind of bad where they don’t even have a spare dress just in case or try to clean him up instead of calling the parents.

Is this where we r headed towards where in they don’t help a 5 year old to clean up and offer shorts when there are no spare shorts available?

I was sad, and angry.

And I came home and broke my glasses.

And then in the dinner time, Bunny again was just being very rude and not listening and I just could not control. He got a very good yelling and I unfortunately had to hit him . No matter how much I control, I just lost my patience.

All these happenings followed by stress at work, 2 kids stress and everything..I just feel like running away from everything.

But I cannot. I woke up today and came to work!


Updates and back to weight loss

Hello all

Has it really been 1 whole year since I disappeared? is true time really flies.

I have lot of updates.

  • We found out that I was pregnant on Aug 25, 2013. We were soo excited and happy .Delivered Kutty baby boy on April 30,2014 exactly on my due date.:)
  • Its a lot of adhustment with 2 kids, nonstop happenings, dealing with Bunny (behaviour wsie he had changed a lot)
  • I went from 159 lbs t 197 lbs on the day of my delivery I weighed almost 199 bs.
  • My present weight is 165 lbs. Thanks to my Mom’s cooking and a very active 5 year old, I have about 8 more pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight.
  • Started work and the whole breastfeeding and pumping and taking care of Bunny ..and I dont know how time flies.
  • Bunny started kindergarten 2 weeks back and it is a major milestone. He is loving it so far.

I will be posting regularly from now onwards.

My goal is to be at 162 lbs by September ending. Since I am breastfeeding, I don’t want to loose weight drastically.

Also I want to cut off all the processed food in the name of snacks in the evening.

So heres to the challenge.





This too shall pass…

Well I have disappeared again from this space.

Due to lot of some unnecessary emotional laziness, I have just stopped posting here.

I am very much alive although I feel I am always sad or stressed out or running behind something.

Lot of thinking going on in my head.

On the weight side, I have gained 3 lbs since the last post…so yeah forget weight loss,it is weight gain mode for me.

After Varalakshmi Vratam last Friday followed by lot of indulges over the weekend, I am taking matters into hand.

I did manage to exercise quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday (40 mins video workouts from Youtube) which made me sweat a lot.

From today, I am planning to exercise 3 times over the weekdays and once on Saturday.

Its funny how my weight creeps back slowly if I don’t make an effort to exercise atleast 4 times a week.

Its amazing how my face puffs up face after all the indulges over the weekend.

So I do want to keep my exercise promise and eat healthy.

So life in bullet points:

  • Should we move/buy house so that Bunny will get to go to kindergarten in 2014 in the new school within our district? Or should we stay put?
  • What and where will be 2 years from now?
  • Will S be able to move in 2 years from this place?

Sorry if these sound like riddles but the above are some questions I am thinking a lot about.

S ismore of a do what you want and he usually takes decisions very quickly. Me on the other hand brodd and think and brood some more before I make a decision.

And no matter how much I think or ask S, I /we are unable to reach a proper answer to the above questions.

Education is one thing I do not want to compromise on for Bunny. Hence the lot more dilemma.

Here in the USA, your house/apartment falls under a particular school . So if you want yur kid to go to a different public school (which is newer, nicer in our case), we have to either move to an apartment in that area or move to a different house.

So over the weekend we went to take a look at 2 houses.

The first one was very pretty but much smaller than our current home. We loved the smaller,cozy feeling and it has a finished basement. Only downside is the backyard is towards the road and there is no fence.

The second house is 100 sq feet larger than the first but we weren’t too impressed with it.

So what should we do?

I wish I am confident and take decisions with a snap of fingers.

Now I feel so vulnerable and stressed out about lot of things in life (not just above).

I am hoping this too will pass and that I have the strength to make a good decision.

Memorial day weekend

The 3  readers I have know that I haven’t updated in a long time.

Well actually there is nothing much happening as far as the weight is concerned.

I have been sneaking in 30 to 40 mins exercise but so far have been able to do only 3 times a week.

My weight did go to 157.6 lbs, last week but after the binge eating over the long weekend I am scared to check it today.

We had a 3 day weekend and just loved the extra day.

Saturday was spent generally relaxing and doing minimal cooking and TV watching. Bunny did go skating in the evening while I finished off some work at  home.

Sunday we went to the Children’s museum in a nearby city along with a couple of friends.

I will post some photos soon of the trip.

The kids had a blast and we had fun seeing their cute antics and mannerisms. There really is no joy than seeing happiness on Bunny’s face.After the museum we headed to a Indian restaurant and ate and ate like as if its my last dya. We had samosa chaat,and Papdi Chaat, followed by Chicken Manchuria. We polished that off with some Chicken Biryani.

I felt and walked like an elephant.

Monday is spent doing 6 loads of laundry, cleaning up the house and kitchen and generally eating and vegetating. I did manage to do 2 levels of “30 day shred” at a stretch and felt awesome afterwards.

But overall, some exciting thigs I did over the week

  • Did level 1 of JM Yoga Meltdown…and lovedddddd it.
  • I am alternating between JM “Ripped in 30” and “30 day shred”.
  • Could exercise only 3 times a week.
  • On the food front, the last week has been pretty good as far as rice is. But weekend I did have loads of rice and friend stuff .

Some thoughts:

  • Why is it when I want something very very badly…it becomes even more tough to get it? Like for example, the weight goal? I mean its easy for lot of people..but never for me.
  • Lazy Summer afternoons feel sooo awesome. I wait for Summer for 6 months and when the weather finally improves, I slept off on Sunday..feels wonderful.
  • Every weekend has been busy…and I have come to realize that Bunny brings such a joy to our life. I wish I have more kids soon.
  • I love this place in Summer.
  • I saw 2 rabbits in our veggie patch trying to nibble at something…u cuties..eating all my plants…hmfff