I am a mother to a 3.5 year old boy (Bunny), a wife to a very understanding and helpful better half (BH) , a daughter to wonderful parents and sister to one of the best woman.

I have struggled with m weight since I went to intermediate (plus 2) and always though I was meant to be fat. Through out my  engineering I hated my body.

When I cam eo the US, I slowly started exercising first as a means to see if it will  help my weight loss efforts and second because it just made me feel good after a workout.

I started going to the gym 3 times a week and started cutting rice. Within 6 months I lost 15 lbs and I got tonnes of comments and praises. I could wear the chudidhars of my sister.

I got married and slowly gained back all the weight in the first 1 year.

I started exercising almost 5 times a week and within a year, I was back to around 143 lbs.But like always, I was not happy. I still wanted to loose he ‘last 10 lbs’.

Today, I wish I was at 143. Pregnancy and stress of a  full time job and my weight refuses to move from this point.

And then I started to realize that I am no more in my 20s and my body will not respond just to 3 times a week workout and rotis.I need something different. I need to find out what will work for me during his stage of my life.

This blog is an attempt to chart my weight loss progress.

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