Updates and back to weight loss

Hello all

Has it really been 1 whole year since I disappeared?

Wow..it is true time really flies.

I have lot of updates.

  • We found out that I was pregnant on Aug 25, 2013. We were soo excited and happy .Delivered Kutty baby boy on April 30,2014 exactly on my due date.:)
  • Its a lot of adhustment with 2 kids, nonstop happenings, dealing with Bunny (behaviour wsie he had changed a lot)
  • I went from 159 lbs t 197 lbs on the day of my delivery I weighed almost 199 bs.
  • My present weight is 165 lbs. Thanks to my Mom’s cooking and a very active 5 year old, I have about 8 more pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight.
  • Started work and the whole breastfeeding and pumping and taking care of Bunny ..and I dont know how time flies.
  • Bunny started kindergarten 2 weeks back and it is a major milestone. He is loving it so far.

I will be posting regularly from now onwards.

My goal is to be at 162 lbs by September ending. Since I am breastfeeding, I don’t want to loose weight drastically.

Also I want to cut off all the processed food in the name of snacks in the evening.

So heres to the challenge.






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