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Memorial day weekend

The 3  readers I have know that I haven’t updated in a long time.

Well actually there is nothing much happening as far as the weight is concerned.

I have been sneaking in 30 to 40 mins exercise but so far have been able to do only 3 times a week.

My weight did go to 157.6 lbs, last week but after the binge eating over the long weekend I am scared to check it today.

We had a 3 day weekend and just loved the extra day.

Saturday was spent generally relaxing and doing minimal cooking and TV watching. Bunny did go skating in the evening while I finished off some work at  home.

Sunday we went to the Children’s museum in a nearby city along with a couple of friends.

I will post some photos soon of the trip.

The kids had a blast and we had fun seeing their cute antics and mannerisms. There really is no joy than seeing happiness on Bunny’s face.After the museum we headed to a Indian restaurant and ate and ate like as if its my last dya. We had samosa chaat,and Papdi Chaat, followed by Chicken Manchuria. We polished that off with some Chicken Biryani.

I felt and walked like an elephant.

Monday is spent doing 6 loads of laundry, cleaning up the house and kitchen and generally eating and vegetating. I did manage to do 2 levels of “30 day shred” at a stretch and felt awesome afterwards.

But overall, some exciting thigs I did over the week

  • Did level 1 of JM Yoga Meltdown…and lovedddddd it.
  • I am alternating between JM “Ripped in 30” and “30 day shred”.
  • Could exercise only 3 times a week.
  • On the food front, the last week has been pretty good as far as rice is. But weekend I did have loads of rice and friend stuff .

Some thoughts:

  • Why is it when I want something very very badly…it becomes even more tough to get it? Like for example, the weight goal? I mean its easy for lot of people..but never for me.
  • Lazy Summer afternoons feel sooo awesome. I wait for Summer for 6 months and when the weather finally improves, I slept off on Sunday..feels wonderful.
  • Every weekend has been busy…and I have come to realize that Bunny brings such a joy to our life. I wish I have more kids soon.
  • I love this place in Summer.
  • I saw 2 rabbits in our veggie patch trying to nibble at something…u cuties..eating all my plants…hmfff

Challenge: 2 lbs in 10 days by April 30

In order to get out of this rut of excuses..and more excuses, I am creating a plan for the upcoming days.

The idea is to pre-plan all the meals and exercise days. I know sounds simple and something that I ought to be doing, but usually when I make a plan I end up doing exactly opposite to the plan. I feel blah…its sooo boring to stick to a plan. And I actually convince myself that its kewllllll to break a plan…after all being spontaneous is cool. I know I am soo lame like that sometimes.

So the idea is to stick to the below exercise plan and to be within the 1400-1500 calorie limit per day.

I have alternated some of the intense exercise days with a 45 minute walks. I have begun to notice that I am just unable to cook and take care of Bunny properly if I workout for more than 4 times a week. So I want to workout just for 4 times a week and the 2 other days, I plan on taking 45 mins of walks.

Keeping fingers crossed that this plan works.


Friday,April 19

JM 30 day shred

4 circuits

Sat,April 20

Body Attack

Sun,April 21

JM Ripped in 30

5 circuits

Mon,April 22

Walk for 45 mins

Tues,April 23

JM Shed& Extreme Shred

45 mins


Wed,April 24

Walk for 45 mins

Thurs, April 25

JM 30 day shred

5 circuits


Fri ,April 26

Walk for 45 mins

Sat,April 27

Body Attack

Sun,April 28

JM Ripped in 30

5 circuits


Current weight : 158.6 lbs (at my home weighing machine)

Goal weight : 156.6 lbs(April 30)


So anybody else wants to join me?

Back from a wonderful vacation and other updates

Hello All

I am back from a wonderful and very relaxing vacation. Although we are jetlagged, we are slowly falling into the routine.

Bunny has been a darling mostly (except when he wakes up at 3 AM everyday and refuses to sleep) and was very good throughout the 23 hour flight journey from Singapore.

I did loads of shopping, relaxed and slept a lot, did NOT cook even for a single day and hanged out with family.

I miss my parents and sister and it  seems like it has been a long long time since I came back.

But as far as the weight, I have lot of people tell me that I lost weight after I came back. The weighing machine agreed, but I suspect thats because of the jetlag and the long flight. I have been munching on a lot of wrong kind of snacks since the last 3 days which I need to cut right now.

It is extremely cold and dark here. The temperature today when I went out is 10 degrees F ( -12 degrees centigrade). ::((

I feel like just eating and sleeping all the time. Not good…

Yesterday however, I managed to make to the BodyPump class and I am very sore all over.

Since there is soo much to write about the trip, I have decided to do it in bullet points.

  • Why is that I loose weight soo easily in Singapore? It definitely is because of overall happiness, no stress from job or Bunni , family support and not to mention my Mom’s healthy cooking. My Mom makes very delicous food in very little oil and in exact portions. And I just love it. Infact I tell my Mom to teach other people how to loose weight with food only. She is very good. Me on the other hand eat healthy food in double the quantity…which is a big NO-NO.  Portion control is as imporatnt as the calories of the food.
  • Singapore is just amazing with all the walking we did. I just love that place. Infact wouldn’t mind moving there.
  • The women are sooo well dressed, Ifelt as if I am from a village and not US.Sigh…it really is fun to watch all the dress,makeup,accessories of the women when we go out.
  • Serangoon road shopping just feels like India shopping.
  • Love all the temples and the pujas. Especially the Vinayaka temple in CHina town and Perumal temple in Serangoon…too of my favorites.
  • The food is amazing, the chinese food, Malay food, Korean and Thai food…just wow…I can move to Singapore juyst for the food.
  • Bunny loved travelling by bus and MRT (local trains) in Singapore. His favorite is the 147 bus from our house to Serangoon road.
  • Did I mention that I would love to move to Singapore?

So…overall the trip was fantastic and I am back to work, the winter, Bunny’s school and the husband. Although its nice to be on vacation, there is something about falling back to routine which feels good.

So glad to be back.

I will be back to posting wioth updates on the weight front and exercise front.

So how have you all been?

About not updating…and not dieting…..

I know..its been a long time since I updated the blog.Well the excuses reasons are many. Its been crazy busy both at work and home. At work ,loads of last minute things to do before I take off for holidays  and also  the year end reviews; at home Satyanarayana Swami vratam ,the cleaning up before and after that, cooking…and not to mention the weekend get togethers and parties. Needless to say lots of cooking and eating happening.

On the exercise front, I am squeezing in 3 workouts per week only. Want to target at least 4, but 3 is the number I could manage.

Food wise…sigh…with all the food and cooking , I am not doing very well.

On the weight front, I haven’t weighed myself for the last 2 weeks.

The last recorded weight was on Nov 26 at 159lbs (72.1 kgs)

The plan is to be strict with food and exercise( challenge: exercise 4 times a week)  and report the weight on this Saturday (Dec 15).

I have updated my weekly plan and goals page as well.

So wish me luck guys!!!

Winter Woes begin….

Every year right around this time I start feeling depressed and cold. And I blame it on the weather. No matter how much cheerful I try to be I just can’t help it. I blame hubby dear for having to be tied to this place, I blame the weather,I blame everything under the sun…I just am in a bad mood on most days.

Also did I mention I just feel like eating hot food and a lot of it. I feel sooo hungry all the time..it just sucks big time. Also with hypothyroidism, the cold winter and the hunger cravings, the peorid during this time does not help for my weightloss efforts at all.

Needless to say all my Summer time efforts go to waste starting this period. I gain back all the weight and an additional around this time. I feel heavy, tired, depressed and stressed out. And I feel soo lonely.

I just wish all the time that I were in a place where there are no winters. Here in the Midwest it already feels like winter (what with jackets and sweaters) and I hate it. This is my 12th winter and every year I just cry when winter is here.

I have contemplated of moving to a warmer place with Bunny every winter and stay away from hubby (Since hubby cannot move). I know I am that crazy (read hate) about winter. However, I know that it just will not work if I take that step.

So I am back to square 1….suffering another winter.

However, since exercise just makes me sooo good about myself and improves my mood vastly during winters, I have decided to exercise and a lot to hit the winter blues.

I have decided to do some action oriented steps in order to make weight loss happen even during winter time.

So here is my plan

  • Go swimming at least once a week in the month of November.
  • Go to gym for Body Attack and Body Step classes for 3 times a week.
  • Go to Body Pump 1 time a week.
  • Do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred on days that I have not met the above goals.
  • Continue with tracking food, exercise in sparkpeople.

My goal is to be at 152 lbs by Dec 19,2012. I currently weight 158.5lbs.

It is very achievable. I just have to stick to it every day.


For me happiness and my weight are inversely proportional to each other.

If I am more happy (not happiness which comes from material comforts) my weight goes down.

I have noticed that, whenever I go home to visit parents and sister, I loose 5 to 6 lbs. Last December I lost 6 lbs in 6 weeks when I was at home for holidays and an extended stay.

It also helped that Amma makes very healthy and delicious foods and controls quantity by cooking only for lunch or dinner.

When I cook, I cook a lot of quantity thinking it will be saved for next day. But usually its ends up being completed because its so yummy.

For example, I made ‘Palar Pulav’ last nite with 1.5 cups of rice thinking we can pack some leftovers for lunch. But nope, we ate it all with the egg curry and not a single  servings was leftover for today’s lunch.


I knew I should not eat soo much, but I did.

I knew its above my daily calorie limit and I should stop but I just ate and ate.

I was extremely hungry inspite of having sambhar rice and egg curry for lunch , an apple and orange for snack.

So whats my plan?

Some lessons learned:

I need to cook rice items only for that meal.
Curries and healthy foods can be doubled up. For example sambhar, vegetarian curries, dal can be cooked extra for the next meal.

Its OK not to have too much rice leftovers, because I can buy some roasted vegetable from cafeteria.

But its NOT OK to cook a lot and eat it all in one meal.

Thursday Aug 9

It has been a long time since I posted. I have lot of reasons excuses for not posting but lets just say I have become lazy. I am actually ashamed that I haven’t been doing well on the exercise front but..hey I need to get back to track.

Life has been pretty interesting and exciting especially in the last few days.

Last Monday, I was driving to work and thinking….I have to give up and just go with the flow regarding efforts on something (non-diet related) and boom..I get a sign from the universe about NOT to give up.I get an encouragement. I get an email.

I cannot disclose the details here, but lets just say that I do pray and hope that things will work out and I will have some big news to tell you all.

If not, well I will have to move on. Its going to be tough..but who said life is going to be easy?

On the diet front, not really dieting. The monthly guest was here which means I ate lot of rice. I just crave rice during that time of the month and no matter how much I control I gain atleast 1 or 2 lbs during this time.:L

Needless to say a very frustrating period.

I did get to the Body Step class on Tuesday, did some walking in the park yesterday. So lets see. Hopefully I did not gain any weight. Today I am planning to go to the Body Step class again.

One thing I have noticed is, this monthly process is the same every month. Loose weight like 1  to 2 lb in 3 weeks and when the monthly “guest” comes in gain it all back.Sign…


Need a plan.

Also I am considering making some curries ahead of time, but somehow I am unable to just do that.

We cook every single day for Bunny and it just does not make sense not to just cook a little more extra for us. And S also helps me a lot when I am at home…so I just have to get my act together and make rotis everyday. S has been especially helpful cooking dinner and following my emails about how to make some kichdi or palak rice.

Also I am drinking very less water nowadays at work and I suspect this is one reason I feel very hungry all the time.

I need to act on these 2 departments first before I worry about workouts and exercise.

Also food wise, I believe I am making mostly healthy choices but my quantities are very large and hence healthy food is adding calories.

For example, I eat an apple and an orange every single day.

And I have shifted to vegetarian food only because of Shravana masam in the last 3 weeks.

I read somewhere that weightloss is 80% food and 20% exercise. And since I enjoy working out (gasp!!! Is that me?) so much, I am not concentrating on the food part which is making the pounds stick to me.

So here are my new goals starting today:

  • Rotis or Brown rice only for meals(1 cheat meal )
  • Atleast 1 soup day during the work week.
  • 8 glasses of water everyday.
  • Stay within the 1250 calories limit (if no exercise)

That’s it. No other goals for this week.

If I can workout, I will. If not, I will make sure I get a walk or a 30 min run in the park.

I need to stick to this plan. It will be tough over the weekend with a party and an outing coming up…but I need to get my act together if I want to achieve this.