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Happy Moments

Yesterday was an awesome day.

  • I came to work early at 8 and could leave by 4:30 PM. This is awesome considering the fact with 2 kids. of course S and Mom helped but still…I am happy. #happytobeearlyAtWork
  • We went and watched Mahesh Babu movie “Aagadu” movie in the theatre for the 8:30 show. Its been a whoile since we have done this. Me, Mom and couple of good friends. Only 10 of us in the theatre as the movie hs been playing for 5 days now in our town. Loved the comedy especially Tamanna’s role and the sweet shop ads. Me happy… Mahesh Babu looked soo amazing and guy is nearing 40. Don’t know how he maintaines and looks like a 20 year old..#HappyForWatchingMahesh
  • Bunny’s class sent our star testing results and he is doing great as far as the reading. He is in the top percentile and I love that he can already read and write . Some of the books he can read and finish off with in a few minutes.Give him a good book anytime of the day and he will be happy to read and sit quietly.  #LoveThatBunnyLovesReading.
  • I asked my Mom to make fish curry as she will be leaving to home on Friday. Loved it and ate it…slurp slup…#LoveAmmasFishCurry.
  • Weight wise..I gained 2 lbs..167lbs but I know thats because of all the sweets and no walking to Bunny’s school. I have to strat Jillian’s DVDs . Excited ::)) #ExcitedAboutExercise.