Too scared to weigh myself

I have been eating like a pig the last couple of weekends.

Saturday was a reception party of a friend and I ate as if there is no tomorrow.

Sunday my Amma volunteered/cooked with a couple of friends at the temple.

All the extra vadas and rice was brought back along with sweets.

Again…urs truly ate like as if there is no tomorrow.

So as a result I feel heavy and lazy.

Am not going to weigh myself.


Updates and back to weight loss

Hello all

Has it really been 1 whole year since I disappeared? is true time really flies.

I have lot of updates.

  • We found out that I was pregnant on Aug 25, 2013. We were soo excited and happy .Delivered Kutty baby boy on April 30,2014 exactly on my due date.:)
  • Its a lot of adhustment with 2 kids, nonstop happenings, dealing with Bunny (behaviour wsie he had changed a lot)
  • I went from 159 lbs t 197 lbs on the day of my delivery I weighed almost 199 bs.
  • My present weight is 165 lbs. Thanks to my Mom’s cooking and a very active 5 year old, I have about 8 more pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight.
  • Started work and the whole breastfeeding and pumping and taking care of Bunny ..and I dont know how time flies.
  • Bunny started kindergarten 2 weeks back and it is a major milestone. He is loving it so far.

I will be posting regularly from now onwards.

My goal is to be at 162 lbs by September ending. Since I am breastfeeding, I don’t want to loose weight drastically.

Also I want to cut off all the processed food in the name of snacks in the evening.

So heres to the challenge.





On this Valentine’s day

Today morning I woke up at 5:50 AM to workout for 30 minutes (week 2 of Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30”). I really am enjoying my morning workouts at home and I was beginning to look forward to these.

I finished brushing, getting dressed and was ready by 6:20 to start the workout. Was sweating and feeling sooooo tired by 6:40 but still have 10 more minutes to go. S woke up and was getting ready to work. He leaves early sometimes as early as 5 AM. Yes….my husband is a very early morning person. But today he is late. So by 6:40, he is ready to leave to work and I have 10 minutes of workout left and I know Bunny does not wake up till 7:15 AM. Bliss isn’t it? I was thinking I can enjoy a calm cup of coffee after my workout, and…..IBoom..I hear a loud cry and a wail.

And it is Bunny, he woke up early. I went to check on him and he was crying and refusing to go back to sleep. To say that I am mad is an understatement.

This guy just refused to sleep and would not come with me so that I can give him milk. After like 15 minutes of soothing he fell asleep finally.

I go back downstairs and do 5 more minutes, and…happens again. He wakes up.

By this time, S very happily left to work.

I had to cut off my workout in the middle and go and sleep next to him.

I am just soo stressed out and generally mad about all this.

So anyways,finally consoled him got him to brush his teeth , gave him milk and he agreed to look at the ‘exercise’ dvd while I am completing my workout. Such a sweetheart!

But , the rest of the morning I was just blaming …well none in particular but was definitely feeling down. I was complaining to myself in my heart how don’t get 30 minutes of alone time to exercise, how its always about the kid, how I am always running either to get Bunny ready for school or running to work or trying to finiosh cooking so that we can have a early dinner in the evenings.

I was complaining to S over the phone. I also shed some tears while driving after dropping Bunny in school.

S consoled me saying we need to be playful while making him do some stuff.

And I come to work, and was generally browsing for a few minutes and I saw this blog post.

And then I cried…at my desk the middle of my cubicle. It just is soo heart wrenching and sad.

I felt soo sad for the author Mom.

Also all of a sudden I felt grateful.

Grateful that I get to spend time with Bunny.

Grateful about the morning rushes and the evening chaos.

I felt foolish complaining in the morning.

I felt extremely thankful about my life.

And on this valentine’s day, I am happy that I have Bunny’s love to shower on us .

Happy Valentine’s day everyone.

Winter Woes begin….

Every year right around this time I start feeling depressed and cold. And I blame it on the weather. No matter how much cheerful I try to be I just can’t help it. I blame hubby dear for having to be tied to this place, I blame the weather,I blame everything under the sun…I just am in a bad mood on most days.

Also did I mention I just feel like eating hot food and a lot of it. I feel sooo hungry all the just sucks big time. Also with hypothyroidism, the cold winter and the hunger cravings, the peorid during this time does not help for my weightloss efforts at all.

Needless to say all my Summer time efforts go to waste starting this period. I gain back all the weight and an additional around this time. I feel heavy, tired, depressed and stressed out. And I feel soo lonely.

I just wish all the time that I were in a place where there are no winters. Here in the Midwest it already feels like winter (what with jackets and sweaters) and I hate it. This is my 12th winter and every year I just cry when winter is here.

I have contemplated of moving to a warmer place with Bunny every winter and stay away from hubby (Since hubby cannot move). I know I am that crazy (read hate) about winter. However, I know that it just will not work if I take that step.

So I am back to square 1….suffering another winter.

However, since exercise just makes me sooo good about myself and improves my mood vastly during winters, I have decided to exercise and a lot to hit the winter blues.

I have decided to do some action oriented steps in order to make weight loss happen even during winter time.

So here is my plan

  • Go swimming at least once a week in the month of November.
  • Go to gym for Body Attack and Body Step classes for 3 times a week.
  • Go to Body Pump 1 time a week.
  • Do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred on days that I have not met the above goals.
  • Continue with tracking food, exercise in sparkpeople.

My goal is to be at 152 lbs by Dec 19,2012. I currently weight 158.5lbs.

It is very achievable. I just have to stick to it every day.

Whats with all the hunger?

Its been a long time since I posted…hasn’t it been. The thing is there are no  new updates.
My weight is still around 160.5lbs, I am still struggling managing full time work, a 3 .5 year old who tells me “Amma I am 16 years old, I can drive”  ,cooking every single day and of course squeezing in exercise.

What I have been noticing is a chain, a pattern here.
If I am exercising and watching what I eat, I am maintaining or maybe reducing by 1 lbs.
But I am gaining all of that back during my monthly cycle.


So new strategy is required.

I have updated my weight chart and also my exercise plan.

I still want to continue exercising 5 times a week.
MY plan during the monthly cycle is to eliminate exercise during the 3 days and concentrate only on food.

Yesterday was a rest day for me and for some strange reason I was super duper hungry. I ate and ate like there is no tomorrow.
I dropped Bunny at preschool, went to work, had a after work class till 7:30 PM.
After that I came  home and made tofu parathas for dinner and hubby helped me with bellpepper and potato curry.

I ate like 4 parathas with the curry. 4….can you believe that? And those are like 125 calories each.

I have also noticed that my I am not drinking the necessary 8 glasses of water a day.

So next couple of days:

1. Drink 8 glasses of water.
2.Track food.
3. Maintain exercise 5 times a week.

Last weigh in (Saturday):160.4 lbs


Yes…finally I saw the scale move to 159.7 lbs (last Saturday) after the Body Attack class.

BTW, Did I mention how much I love this class?

It just tires me like no other class and I just love it.

I love how awesome I feel after the class.

I just wish I can do it 3 times a week but so far no able to.

But , what worked for me this week inspite of eating rice and thai food?


  • Some or the other workout, even if it is just 20 mins run makes a lot of difference.
  • Its ok to eat rice twice a week. But enjoy it.
  • Its OK to eat frozen rotis (Kavan) if I do not have time to make rotis.

So 1 lb weight loss is the goal.

Can I or can I not do it?

Will I see the scale at 158.7 lbs this Friday morning?

Wednesday July 18,2012

I am sitting here in the dark writing this post while BH and Bunny are sleeping fully tired.
I am tired but for some reason could not sleep.

Today was a fantastic day as far as food is concerned. It’s perfect…wish I had more days like this.

I am trying to figure out how to do bullet points from tshe wordpress app….anybody know how?

– I had 3 small ravva doses for breakfast with tomato chutney. I used cooking spray (which is 0 calories ) which makes me sooooooooooooooo happy. I just love the Pam cooking spray.
– went to work all sore because of the Bodypump class. My arms and thinghs are hurting like help whole day today.It feels good to have pain because of workout.
– had green tea today after a very long time. Felt really refreshing.
– ate rotis with dal and egg curry for lunch.
– had 4 kisses as snack
– also had handful of almonds
– had some crackers with cheese for snack
– I started having these snacks at my desk in workplace…in that way I can at least have something to eat.
– went for the swimming lesson followed by a good 30 minute practise session. Today I held on to the floating board and kicked my legs around and did swim. This is a good achievement because of the fact that I was so scared to get into the pool 3 weeks back. I felt soo good after the class and the practise session.
– BH has been really good by cooking food by the time I returned from the swim lesson. He made chicken curry and we had it with rotis and little rice.
– went to the park .
– whole body is aching with pain in arms and thinghs. Bunny was really cranky and threw a tantrum while returning from the park. We had such a hard time controlling him and making him eat after the park. Sigh…..we go to park everyday and everyday while coming back he just cries and cries. Today I got really angry with him and gave him couple of smacks on his behind. Poor guy cried even more and I felt very guilty afterwards. Sometimes I really do not know what to do with this little guy..he just loves to have people around and play all the time…no matter how many times I tell him not to cry when we r coming back from a friends place or from the park, he just cries and cries. Sighhhh…..
– after coming back I dId not talk to Bunny for a long time. BH was really good about taking care of Bunny. He took over the dinner part while I cleared up and packed lunches for tomorrow.
– time for sleep.

The good

– swim Lessons
– food is moderate

The bad
– I need to control my anger
– need to drink another cup of green tea or Hot water in the afternoon

Lessons learned
– Try to be calm when Bunny is throwing a tantrum.