This too shall pass…

Well I have disappeared again from this space.

Due to lot of some unnecessary emotional laziness, I have just stopped posting here.

I am very much alive although I feel I am always sad or stressed out or running behind something.

Lot of thinking going on in my head.

On the weight side, I have gained 3 lbs since the last post…so yeah forget weight loss,it is weight gain mode for me.

After Varalakshmi Vratam last Friday followed by lot of indulges over the weekend, I am taking matters into hand.

I did manage to exercise quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday (40 mins video workouts from Youtube) which made me sweat a lot.

From today, I am planning to exercise 3 times over the weekdays and once on Saturday.

Its funny how my weight creeps back slowly if I don’t make an effort to exercise atleast 4 times a week.

Its amazing how my face puffs up face after all the indulges over the weekend.

So I do want to keep my exercise promise and eat healthy.

So life in bullet points:

  • Should we move/buy house so that Bunny will get to go to kindergarten in 2014 in the new school within our district? Or should we stay put?
  • What and where will be 2 years from now?
  • Will S be able to move in 2 years from this place?

Sorry if these sound like riddles but the above are some questions I am thinking a lot about.

S ismore of a do what you want and he usually takes decisions very quickly. Me on the other hand brodd and think and brood some more before I make a decision.

And no matter how much I think or ask S, I /we are unable to reach a proper answer to the above questions.

Education is one thing I do not want to compromise on for Bunny. Hence the lot more dilemma.

Here in the USA, your house/apartment falls under a particular school . So if you want yur kid to go to a different public school (which is newer, nicer in our case), we have to either move to an apartment in that area or move to a different house.

So over the weekend we went to take a look at 2 houses.

The first one was very pretty but much smaller than our current home. We loved the smaller,cozy feeling and it has a finished basement. Only downside is the backyard is towards the road and there is no fence.

The second house is 100 sq feet larger than the first but we weren’t too impressed with it.

So what should we do?

I wish I am confident and take decisions with a snap of fingers.

Now I feel so vulnerable and stressed out about lot of things in life (not just above).

I am hoping this too will pass and that I have the strength to make a good decision.


One thought on “This too shall pass…

  1. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! Heather.vonstjames(at) Thanks!!

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